How shoes changed the way humans walk

Humans used to walk in a totally different way until one shoe innovation.

I tried cutting the cord with Sling TV for a month – here's why I ultimately returned to cable TV

If you are thinking of giving up cable TV for a streaming service, read this first.

I take a social media break once a year — and I feel so much better

If you find yourself reaching for your phone every few minutes, you may want to try this:

A hot startup could be the perfect model for the JPMorgan-Amazon-Berkshire Hathaway healthcare initiative

Collective Health has raised $119 million from investors, including Peter Thiel's Founders Fund and GV.

The best-selling album the year you were born

Michael Jackson's "Thriller" was the top album not only one, but two years.

The best and worst superhero movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ranked according to critics

Critics love "Black Panther," but how does it stack up against the other Marvel movies.

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"Our machines have been killing us ever since we've ever had machines." Watch Neil DeGrasse Tyson explain everything on Prime Video:

A knockoff game is trying to take on HQ Trivia by using celebrity hosts like Wyclef Jean and a $1 million prize pool

A new HQ Trivia knockoff features celebrity hosts and a $1 million prize pool.

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It's not a transformer, but you could call it Croptimus Prime.

22 eerie photos show how China uses facial recognition to track its citizens as they travel, shop — and even use toilet paper

By 2020, China hopes to have 570 million surveillance cameras — that's nearly one camera for every two citizens.

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"Warming up" your car might doing more harm than good.

Amazing images of Tokyo before it was a city

It wasn't always so hectic.

How Every Square Foot Of An Apple Store Is Designed To Make You Spend More Money

Apple wants your cash, and knows how to get it.

Jupiter's Great Red Spot may have only 10 to 20 years left before it dies

The storm is wider than Earth, and has been swirling since perhaps the 1600s.

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All it takes is the flick of a switch.

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Here's what the future looks like.

Facebook plans to use U.S. mail to verify IDs of election ad buyers

It was the most effective method the tech company could come up with.

A hair surgeon reveals why men go bald

It's all about genetics.

7 places you can’t find on Google Maps

Some people just don't want to be found.

A physicist answers the grandest question of all: Why are we here?

It all starts with the Big Bang.

5 survival myths that could get you killed

Do NOT punch a shark on the nose.

Inside Snapchat's secretive culture, where CEO Evan Spiegel has no public social media and employees share a 'Fight Club'-like privacy mentality

Every Wednesday night, Snapchat employees have "Council," where they sit in a circle of nine colleagues, all of whom are sworn to secrecy.

13 car keys with a captivating design

Tesla's Model S key is shaped like a mini-Model S.

These 14 companies dominate the world's auto industry

Chances are, you drive a car made by one of these companies.

After 10 years, Apple is totally changing how it makes iPhone software — and users should be ecstatic

Apple is focusing on quality and performance in the next version of iOS.

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Turns out, walking on water isn't as impossible as it might sound — as long as you have the right kind of water.

Trump supporters have their own dating websites now — and they're already sparking controversy

If you'd like to ask a fellow Trump supporter out for "covfefe," you'll have to drop some cash.

There's a budding rivalry between the daughters of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, Stanford classmates who compete outside of the world of tech

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had a rivalry for the ages — and their daughters could be next.